CarePRN is a mobile application and website providing a marketplace of caregivers to families in need of home health care. The application provides a platform for trusted, convenient, affordable caregivers to connect to families, on demand.

We provide a map of nearby caregivers available to assist families with their loved ones. Each caregiver has completed a background check, and interview process. Caregiver also have profiles pages so families can see who is coming into their homes to care for their loved ones. Caregivers’ profiles are also integrated with Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. CarePRN utilizes a rating system, so you can see what other families have said about a caregiver.

We understand that people experience caregiver burnout when caring for a loved one. They don't need a formal care-giving service each week but they do need a trusted source of qualified care providers that can give them a break when they need it. We believe this will help lower family caregiver burnout levels and allow that family caregiver to care for their loved ones in their homes longer We want to help families get support when they need it, avoid caregiver burnout, keep their loved-ones in their homes, save money by using our service only when they need it, and benefit from professional quality care.

We want to help care providers create a manageable network of clients, a more flexible scheduling system, and earn fair compensation.

The spirit of CarePRN is embodied by the Latin term Pro Re Nata, meaning care “as needed” and “when the situation arises”.

Meet Our Team


Jason Wolfe, CEO

The main thing that motivated me to create CarePRN was my experience with my fiance’s grandfather. It made me understand the struggle people were going through, as there was no good way for people to find help. It really is the daily grind that causes burnout, and this leads families to use nursing homes. With CarePRN, we’re allowing for longer care at home, where the health outcomes actually improve. It’s also more financially viable than the investment it takes to use a nursing home. This company could drastically improve the lives of many families, and that is my main drive.


Joe White, Financial Analyst

CarePRN allows for a unique opportunity to transform the homecare industry. This cutting edge, disruptive technology serves as motivation for me to help ensure the company succeeds. In addition, the service CarePRN offers – an on-demand/scheduled homecare Marketplace – is something I am passionate about and serves as motivation because we have the potential to provide help, assurance, and value to many families/individuals.


Kunal Grover M.D., Patient Care

I’ve known Jason for several years and I was really interested in the idea of the company from the first time I heard his pitch. CarePRN fits into the struggles that I see every day. I work with a predominantly geriatric patient population, and I often talk with family members who want to keep their loved ones at home but are having a hard time juggling their own personal lives with the added responsibilities of being a caregiver-- many of them struggling with caregiver burnout. CarePRN's social mission of helping these patients and their families really resonated with me. I jumped on board when Jason began looking for help, and as a native Detroiter, it’s been genuinely exciting to help CarePRN form into a real company at TechTown.



CarePRN is sponsored by TechTown, Detroit’s most established business accelerator and incubator, offering a full suite of entrepreneurial services for both tech and neighborhood enterprises. They are the heartbeat behing CarePRN, and help startup and established businesses develop, launch and grow, while strengthening and diversifying the local economy.


Wayne State University: TechComm @TechTown

In 2014, Wayne State began to revitalize their Community Writing initiative, and began a new Professional and Technical Writing initiative: TechComm@TechTown (TC@TT). Partnering with TechTown, the Detroit-based technology research incubator and business accelerator for entrepreneurs, professors and students began working on client-based projects with entrepreneurial partners selected because of their disruptive technologies, economic promise, social and ethical import to Michigan, and relevance to student learning. CarePRN has been collaborating with Wayne State students and professors since 2016.

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  • “Best Student Team from the US” award from the Windsor-Detroit Hacking Health competition sponsored by Tech Town Detroit
  • “On Your Mark” award from the Detroit Technology Exchange Showcase also sponsored by Tech Town
  • Second Place plus cash award in the student category of the state-wide Accelerate Michigan competition
  • “Whirlpool” award from Greenlight Michigan.