Become a caregiver

Getting Started

How Easy is it to Become a Caregiver?

Here at CarePRN, we have a tried to make the process of enrolling as a caregiver as simple and effecient as possible.  If you believe that you have the skills and experience to be a caregiver, please join us in the journey to assist families with providing affordable and convenient care.

First, download the CarePRN app in the Goggle Play Store or iTunes Store and create a profile. 

Once you have created your profile, CarePRN will move forward with conducting a background check, reviewing your profile, and scheduling an interview. 

In the meantime, please visit the liabilty insurance cmpany's website we provided in order to purchase liablity insurnace in case there is any incident during your care visits.  This insurance is required.  You should note that you can use any insurance carrier, and that CarePRN has no financial relationship or interest in CM&F.  We only recommend them due to their easy online application and the affordable premium. 

Once you have provided CarePRN with proof of coverage and your background check comes back clear, we next need to enroll you with our payroll processing company.  This will require bank account information for bi-monthly deposits of your earnings. 

Lastly, we will authorize your profile to begin providing care!



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Create Your Own Caregiver Profile

Start by creating a caregiver profile via the app. Link your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ pages to add creditability to your profile. 

Purchase Liability Insurance, Pass Background Check, and Provide Direct Deposit Information

After creating a profile, please purchase liability insurance for yourself.  We find CM&F to be very easy to use, and they provide an affordable premium.  Once you have sent CarePRN your proof of coverage, pass the background check, we will then need bank information for direct deposit of your bi-monthly earnings.


Start Accepting Care Visits!

After we authorize your profile, families will now see your profile on a map as available for providing care.