Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you asking for my ID and Social Security number?

CarePRN uses Onfido background checks and Paychex payroll service in order to conduct background checks and provide payment for services. Each of these trusted companies requires this information.

How do I get paid?

CarePRN uses Paychex payroll service in order to either direct deposit or send a check for your payments, net CarePRN’s twenty-percent (20%) marketplace service fee, at minimum on a biweekly basis.

Why are you asking access to my Facebook and LinkedIn page?

First, CarePRN does not post anything to your Facebook or LinkedIn page. We are merely using Facebook and LinkedIn as another verification of your identity as well as providing another layer of trust for the Careseekers.

Why are you asking for a link to YouTube™?

CarePRN encourages its Caregivers to record a short introductory video using your smart phone. You will simply upload to the video to YouTube™ and then provide the link for your profile.

Am I an employee of CarePRN?

No. You are an independent contractor. Therefore, think of yourself as a small business. Take pride in your profile, video introduction, and other opportunities to set yourself apart from you competition. Additionally, be sure to keep track of your miles, as this may be tax deductible each year. And lastly, since you are an independent contractor and therefore your own business, CarePRN is not withholding taxes nor providing any other benefits that come along with being an employee. You will want to be sure to set aside money for taxes each year as well as ensure your liability insurance is up-to-date.

CarePRN is requesting information regarding lability insurance. What is this?

Since you are an independent contractor, you must carry insurance for yourself in case you are sued by a Careseeker. The link provided takes you to an insurance company that provides affordable insurance for yourself. Individual liability insurance is required for every Caregiver.

I forgot my password? How do I reset it?

Got to and put in your phone number/username and click the url next to “Forgot your password?”

You ask me for really sensitive data, such as my social and bank information. I’m not comfortable with putting that information online. How can you help?

We understand your concerns in regards to inputting personal information. However, to be considered to our platform, you must electronically provide all documentation for the background check before attending orientation. If you have any concerns about CarePRN, please check out the security information at Amazon AWS, Onfido, and Stripe to assure you of the security measures we take.

How do I schedule phone interview or Skype session?

Once you have created your caregiver profile and pass your background check, we will contact you to schedule a time.

If I’m still having issues, who can I contact?

Please send an email to for further assistance.

What is CarePRN?

CarePRN is convenient, efficient, and trusted network of caregivers and careseekers.

Why should I use CarePRN?

CarePRN helps you easily find caregivers that match your specific needs and budget online. CarePRN provides convenient, on-demand caregivers that also save families money, while also attracting higher quality caregivers by ensuring most of your fee goes to the caregiver. Caregivers on CarePRN have passed background checks, interviews, and have obtained their own liability insurance. Additionally, Caregivers on CarePRN provide assurance of their ability to deliver quality care through professional licenses, client reviews and rating, providing access to their social medical profiles via “Trust Badges.”

How should I use CarePRN?

Start by visiting our home page or downloading the app. You’ll then create a profile for you or your loved one, as well as entering payment information. After that, you can start looking through the list of caregivers and find someone you like. Once you have found someone, you can either request service now, or schedule them in the future.

How much does it cost to use CarePRN?

CarePRN provides a free platform for families to easily find caregivers who are available now to assist you or your loved one. Each Caregiver sets his or her own hourly rate. It is free for Careseekers to download and select a Caregiver. You only pay when you use the service. When you hire a Caregiver through CarePRN, you are charged the Caregiver’s hourly rate upon conclusion of the service. The Caregiver pays a Service or Referral Fee to CarePRN of 20% of your total bill. This fee gives us the ability to cover insurance, background checks, and payroll processing.

How is CarePRN different from traditional home care agencies or other home care services?

CarePRN is not a home care agency. CarePRN is a mobile and web platform that gives families a way to easily and efficiently find trusted and affordable Caregivers that are available on a moment’s notice to assist their loved ones. CarePRN helps families who can’t afford a traditional agency, which can charge in excess of a 75% markup on top of the caregiver salaries. While hiring a private caregiver does save families a lot of money there are a great deal of risks that need to be managed. Instead of hiring a caregiver through classifieds or word of mouth referrals and sifting through stacks of resumes, you can easily find caregivers with CarePRN who have been screened through a background check, purchased individual liability insurance, and provided a detailed description of themselves.

Have your caregivers received background checks?

Each caregiver is screened through the service, Onfido, an online background check service.

Do I have to deal with withholding taxes if I hire a CarePRN caregiver?

Possibly. You should discuss this issue with a CPA or other tax professional. However, CarePRN treats each caregiver as an independent contractor, and its third-party payroll processing company will be making a report to the IRS as well.

Who sets the hourly rates for the caregivers?

Caregivers set their own hourly rate. They determine their hourly rate based on their experience, certifications, and education. Once you have hired a caregiver, they will head to your location. A timeclock is built into the app that may only be initiated when the caregiver is within 50 meters of your home and will be automatically clocked out outside of 50 meter, should they forget to clock out on their own.

How do I make payments?

Payments are made through the CarePRN app using the payment service Stripe. After the caregiver clocks out, the payment is charged to your credit or debit card, and you are sent an electronic invoice.

Will I ever have to pay the caregiver directly?

No, CarePRN will take care of all payments.

Are the caregivers on CarePRN insured?

Each caregiver is required to maintain individual liability insurance as a home health aide at a minimum of $100,000 per incident. Additional, CarePRN maintains liability insurance for your data and as a referral service.